May 30

M90 Cool Cell Phones With Magic Box

The M90 comes with useful and amazing features. This phone comes with a brown colored casing and a beautiful touch screen and the dual SIM feature which allows the user to enjoy the pleasure of using two SIM cards in their mobile phone. The touch screen is 2.6 Inches in size on a QVGA screen and provides a 260k colour display with a screen resolution of 240*320 pixels which allows the user to view images and videos on the clear screen and weighs 0.5100 kg. The phone has language option for English, and Chinese.

The M90 works over a GSM dual band network bands including GSM 900 and GSM 1800. This phone comes with a fitted battery which can be recharged via the charger provided with the handset. The battery can provide up to 360 hours standby battery time when not in use or up to 280 minutes talk time battery time from a fully charged battery. The M90 comes with an expandable memory card slot which supports TF card extension up to 2GB. Cool Cell Phones M90 supports MMS multimedia picture messaging service which allows the user to create & share messages with their friends, family & business colleagues.

May 29

Mp7 Cell Phones An All In One Handset

Just like electricity and cars, cell phones too have become an integral part of our lives. It is no longer a necessity but a luxury. Cell phone technologies have taken giant strides since the time they were first introduced. New models of cell phones are being frequently launched in the markets that have newer features compared to the earlier ones.

People tend to buy these new models of cell phones as it is not just used to stay in touch with people but is also used to flaunt one`s social status. Today we cannot imagine ourselves to be without our cell phones even for a short span of time as apart from providing entertainment it also helps us in our work.

There is a latest buzz of Mp7 cell phone in the market today as it is a perfect example of what the buyers expect from the modern handset. It comes with a wide range of features to match the needs of the customers. These cell phones provide an incredible array of functions that compel us to wonder about the amazing technology behind it that makes it different from the regular phones.

Usually cell phones are either

May 27

How Cell Phones Can Act As an Effective Teaching Tool

It would be a mistake to ban cell phones in classrooms. Why? Well, researchers have found that cell phones can create the right environment for learning. Studies have also revealed that 75 percent of all kids aged between 12 and 17 carry mobile phones wherever they go. Hence, there is an urgency to allow cell phone usage in schools, colleges, and universities to foster learning amongst students.

Cell phones are cheaper than laptops and desktop computers. They are handy as well and highly portable, can be easily carried to any where you go. The emergence of camera phones has made it a lot easier to capture texts, images, and videos anytime in the classrooms. Cell phones can also be used to email important learning documents or website hyperlinks to friends and fellow classmates.

Let’s discuss in detail the major advantages of using cell phones in classrooms.

Accessing the Internet

Students can access the internet to search for relevant reference materials and websites. For example, you are looking for good write-ups to prepare your life science project. In between classes or during lunch time, you can use your handset to quickly find out useful information to help complete your project work. Many schools cannot

May 26

Smartphone Marketing – Most Guidelines For Acquiring The Best Use Out Of Sms Marketing

One of the most popular devices being utilized nowadays by one and all is the smartphone phone. For that reason, as business owners if you are craving to promote your business to the masses, the best way to do so would be through mobile marketing. At the time of before few years, SMS marketing is a an particularly fashionable way to get the company marketing promotions to far more individuals simultaneously. One of the easiest techniques is in the use of SMS Brief Codes, that has assisted companies be successful in their marketing endeavor.

While Quick Codes assist you gain smartphone figures, it is not as simple as it sounds, due to that international students have a number of etiquettes which are required to be maintained. First of all, it is important to keep away from spamming although indulging in smartphone marketing. SMS marketing, if accomplished perfectly, requires corporations to permit the mobile user to opt in for your marketing services, just before sending names and emails of your manufacturer, its product or support. In various words, develop a partnership with the mobile consumer prior to you begin mailing your mobile marketing adverts. Furthermore, it is vital from time to

May 26

Best way to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note II has been one of the most popular smartphone. A lot of people uses Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as a digital camera and takes a lot of nice photos. It’s convenient as user can take the photo any time. However, problem comes up when mistakes like accidentally delete the photos, or format the Samsung Galaxy phone memory card, or even when user did nothing wrong, they could be memory card error, the famous “memory card unformatted, do you want to format it now, all your data on memory card will be erased if you format the memory card” has put a lot of people in panic.

What do we do when we accidentally delete the photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Is it possible to restore photos if we format the Samsung Galaxy phone memory card? Are we able to get back files when memory card error happens? In this article, we will discuss solutions to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 photo recovery.

To recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy note 2, you need to use some special photo recovery tools. The best way is to follow some step by step guide. Here’s a good one:

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